Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Grass-hop Hip-Hop

The topic of the week over at SFG is 'Pink'. I'd resigned myself to designing some cute piggies when the Duchess of Justice IMd this to me. Upon explaining her thought process it would seem I was sent this mainly because I am a nerd.


-- I was enthralled.
What's a girl to do?
Of course I googled "pink grasshoppers" and came up with a slew of these babies. Oh come on, like any self-respecting nerd would skip that step!!This week has been pretty grand, I was swept off to a divine LES dance party at
(warning: this link is loud! mute your computers if you're somewhere square) bOb Bar.
I got home torn between a late night of cricket drawing or a late night of hip-hop sketches.
Cricket or Hip-Hop?
I reached above my head, grabbed the ball-chain attached to the often aphotic
bulb that resides there and yanked.
Tah dah!
Grass Hop
Hip Hop
Check it:
I'll P!nk them up tomorrow.


Pam said...

This just got a 6 a.m. smile out of me...which you know isn't easy to do.

Shilo Mayer said...

I love it! I think all insects should be pink, they are much cuter that way.

Cobalt Violet said...

Love your sketches! Just found you via Shambala in Ojai (
Great blog!


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