Tuesday, August 02, 2011

A New York Minute

Because I don't journal, and I would like to, I now bullet point my New York existance week by week one little dot on a list at a time.

This week I:
  • I met with Pat Cummings for a deliciously wonderful and decadent children's book jam session
  • I snuck away to Bowery Electric for something live and local
  • Reveled in a cotton candy Manhattan sunset.
  • I channeled my 100K education and subsequent career in the arts into one transcending moment and thus created this miracle of artistic brilliance in my previously humble kitchen:

  • I carried said mini baby corndogs aka baby cornpuppies to a monumental event, the going away party of one Duchess of Justice (without tripping)
  • I placed them gingerly on a high alter table spread with equally brilliant mini treats, because while this fare was small, our love for the Duchess was mighty and great.
Appreciate the mini doughnuts. They were engineered by JenPal and her little family.

  • Speaking of which... I am hosting my euroimportedfambam this week. (12-15th house guests of the summer!) for days of fun and NYC sun. The sun is due to the fact that it is baking in Brooklyn and that they are jet lagged and up at dawn.
  • Naturally a visit to Coney Island was in store
  • I listened to live music at Central Park
  • I showed off my decade honed ability to find a bathroom in any part of NYC. 
  • I hiked up foot hills and down foot hills at Central Park
  • I spent a large amount of time with a Jimmy Buffet cover band
  • Watched a hell of a lot of Modern Family late into the night with my cousins. 
  • I would like to watch more.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed watching a melt down that was genetically linked to me and actually quite similar to the meltdowns of my youth. 
  • I pretended to not enjoy said meltdown.
  • I took short showers
  • I got my health coach website up and running.
  • I lost two pounds
  • I got a new wii Power bar
  • I got schooled
  • I replaced the coinpurse that has been so near and dear to me, my NYC financial Linus blanket, with a fancy gilt italian leather version, courtesy of my Aunt and her good taste. Was it hard? Yes. However, sadly one can only be teased by friends for so long....
And that's an abreviated version of my New York Minute. I'd write more, but I've got to get to the Bronx Zoo! There's animals to draw a waitin'. Have great weeks. xo, Amber


)en said...

That health coach thing--WHAT THE CRAP? i had no idea. How awesome, and you do look fabulous. Rock on, m'lady.

JulieWilliams said...

Mini baby corndogs.(!!!!) I don't like corndogs, but if they were mini baby ones, that might be a different story.

Karin said...

How awesome for your visitors that you live in such a fab place in our fair country. I remember when I was a kid and the Germans came to visit us in Cleveland, after a week my parents would be packing everyone in the car and driving to Niagra Falls and even Florida one year too... Loved "going" to the zoo with you in the other post :)


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