Saturday, June 17, 2006

A Week In Pictures

I started a new job last week, full time with benefits, the stuff an artist's dreams are made of. It's funny but things that went from bad to worse all year long are now spinning in full speed in the opposite direction. Things are going from great to fantastic to fantastically great. Along with the theme of the week I discovered Washington Square park on one of my lunchtime jaunts last week. Now I spend most days there drawing during lunch or after I punch out. It's about the best thing ever.

Most kids are easy to call. They're either New Yorker kids or tourist kids. Tourist kids are always freaked to death by the squirrels.

The Summer blockbusters have arrived. I can tell it will be essential to see movies on opening weekend if I intend to continue drawing kids in the park. They love spoiling the plots. These soaked girls were playing at being Jean Grey back from the dead. After a week of drawing this one's my favorite. She looked and acted like I do so of course she was the coolest kid on the block. Now, if only the drawing of her chasing the mean boys away from the pidgeons they were terrorizing had turned out better. . .

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vwsista said...

I just clicked next blog and I was directed to yours.

I love, love, love everything so far. You are amazing. My 5 year old daughter is looking through your drawings with me and she wants to know "The Story".

We will be checking back regularly. Thanks for sharing...

Off to check out your links. :)


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