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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

See the Sea Horsies?

Last Sunday my friend Steve's six year-old asked me if it was my job to draw sea horses. Mind you, this is the same kid who once asked my permission to do "math" in my living-room. When I asked her if there was any grand reasoning behind her sea horse inquiry she got pretty thoughtful and then answered, "well. . . it's all you ever do!"
That's when I realised she was right. I have a problem. My post-it note doodles and telephone scribblings all point the way of the horse these days. This all stemmed from a conscious effort to develop some sweet companion-like fish for my Baby Mermaids. However, the conscious took a walk weeks ago. I always try to keep you abreast of my insanity, this week it's of a sea horse variety. The horses below are a few of my faves. These particular sea horse friends come to you from the corner of my telephone book and the backs of a few odd Starbucks' receipts.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Month by Month

I've been working on a fun little calendar project lately. It's not exactly in the vein of my typical style, but I wanted to put it up since it is fun and fun is me!

We ran into some problems with this little cupid baby. She was my favorite out of all of the work here, but they were afraid that she was too nude for the kids this would be going to. I forget how immature kids can be sometimes. I do think it's pretty obvious she's just a little baby. What's wrong with a nekkid little baby with a bow and arrow!?
Below you can see here as she dons more modest attire. Ahem.
Funnily enough, growing up in Hawaii, I always associate March with kites and sandals. I guess kids in the East never get this experience as I've been told that the attire of my little kite girly will need to be changed as well. Darn me and my inappropriate dress! When will I ever learn?
I love this kid below, but think he should have been a tad shorter. I debated just cutting his coat to line up with his little boots but after playing around with it realized so much of his charm is in that little bare spot of leg. Of course it could just be that I like as much exposure when it comes to attire as possible.
The bunny on this one is going to have to go too. Apparently bunny = Easter which also equals religion and the month of April, all no-no's. So I have to think of another way to show May. I really liked that bevvy of Gerber daisies. I'll figure out a way to keep that row.

This pic below is a bit of a self portrait. I don't think a June ever passes without a teddy-bear picnic. Actually just last year I gathered up a bunch of girls and we took off to Sheep Meadow in Central Park for a teddy-bear tea party better than anything Paddington would have been able to pull off. That's saying a lot. After all, Paddington's a pretty capable kinda guy.

They love the image for the month of July. It doesn't sit right with me at all. Now that I put it out there they don't want me to change it. The biggest piece of advice I can ever give any artist is to never show someone something that you don't want to do, or think might need a change. Alright, the dolphin's hogging the show here what a distraction from those perfect Hawaiian palms! They're probably my favorite thing I've drawn on this assignment.

This one's pretty great. The filling in the cornucopia is a repeat. It's stuffed doubly full of the exact same stuff, but I think it looks really good for what it is. Sometimes it's okay to cheat on a drawing as long as it doesn't really LOOK like you cheated.

I'm going to have to add a close up of that little squirrel, he's too darn cute to be that hard to see.
I'm going to be working on a new stationary line over the next two or three weeks for the Spring 2008, so there's sure to be some exciting posts! Keep checking I promise not to neglect you for so long again!


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