Sunday, July 25, 2010


This one time - I went to a make-out party.
It was what it sounds like. It was just. like. this:
Free love, Bunnies. Free love.

The title of this latest piece of surface design is 'Bunny, Bunny, Kiss, Kiss' <--See? Double. It's a repeat inside a repeat inside a repeat (three doubles). I just bent your mind. Sorry, I've been talking in 'Old Spice' this week and while I'm coming out of it, I'm also going through withdrawal.
Also, it has ALWAYS bothered me that 'double' is spelled with ONE 'b'. What the eff? So we spell 'bubble' which RHYMES with double b's? This was one big, fat opportunity that we have missed as Americans. I'm going to take it that far. We make exceptions for silent e's and wh's that sound different. What the what? So sad. If I was starting this post instead of finishing it, I'd entitle it 'travesty'.

P.S. Here's a close up of the second version of this design <-- DOUBLE DUBBLE AGAIN!

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Most Important Sketch of the Day

I won the FML sweepstakes this week and got to spend 12 hours in the world's prettiest ER yesterday. When they asked me if this was my first time at New York Presbyterian I said "Yes, but definately not my last!"<-- this was pre pain meds. What?!

Any way. I had lunch at 1 and then was in the ER by 3:15. When I got discharged the guy at the front desk was like "CREEPY! You've been here exactly 12 hours!" --"Really, it seems like longer."
I had to have all this LAME testing done, turns out I'm fine-ish. Thank goodness, but in the process of testing, I wasn't allowed a drop of liquid or a morsel of food the entire time I was there. I could feel my cells dying.

When I got home in the wee hours of the morning I chugged water like a fish but it felt weird to eat something before collapsing in exhaustion. So I went to bed all Little Orphan Annie. This morning the boy took me out to the real-ist real breakfast ever. I was so excited about eating that I drew our food.

This was maybe the 2nd best breakfast of my life, not to be confused with the first best breakfast that I take as often as possible with Jen in her hood.

I wish we would have taken pictures at the "Coffee Shop" this morning. They would have made this blog post so much more bloggy. In the meantime here are some sketches to tide you over. I'm climbing back into the covers to sleep off my bed-ridden happiness.

but thought you could do with some food for thought. Ha. Puns. They're the best.
I was half way through this post when I got a FB message saying that the Illustration Friday word of the week is Breakfast! Score! Maybe FML week is officially over! Happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This is On My Workdesk Wednesday

So it's wednesday.

Here is some stuff on my desk.

Once I design a pattern I print it. That dolphin paisley up at the top is totally reject for stationary, it'd be fine for a shower curtain, but today we're designing stationary. I'll reduce it and test it again. Everything sitting in the printer tray is good to go and double and triple checked.

It's so fun and exciting and I wish I could just play with paper all day long.

Run by and check out the women who do at Julia's Stamping Ground!
I am loving WOYWW. It's so fun to see what everyone else does to get over this middle of the week funk.

So far my favorite desk this week is Jozarty's warm crafting room - mainly because the colors are to die for and that orginization wall makes me JEALOUS.

I promise that I'll break out my camera next week! Cell phone does her job, but I'm starting to get the hang of this WOYWW and I want to play at the top of my game ;)

Friday, July 09, 2010

Mother of Pearl

Three baby showers coming up this weekend.
Count them. One. Two. Three.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Get Away

So last week a year of prayers were answered. Were these reasonable prayers or were they childish prayers? Let's just say that they fell into the same category of "PLEASE LET THERE BE A SNOW DAY".... in JULY.

Last week job-job decided to give us a five day weekend. YES. A FIVE DAY WEEKEND. Count them: one.... two.... three.... four..... Shut the front door...five!

My inner monologue has been wearing a head to toe trench coat these days. To keep her from going all Matrix on "innocent" NYC bystanders, I fled the city.

Here's a few of my sketches and shutterbugs from my last few days in Stamford. Incedently, if you're a New York City shut-in. You too can have this mind cleansing experience. Metro-North train out of Grand Central. Marriot in Stamford. Hotel Shuttle anywhere you want to go.

My last few days went something like this. Wake-up. Gym. Swim in Pool. Sleep. Wake Up. Shop. Beach. Tan. Sleep. Sketch. Lunch. Sleep. Tan. Read. Swim at beach. Tan. Shower. Fancy Dinner. Laps in Pool. Walk through adorable town. Sleep. Wake up tomorrow and repeat.

Ok that's enough of that. I've got to go get on the F.

Cue inner monoluge. ;) Happy "Monday".


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