Friday, December 30, 2011


Lately I've been thinking about grad school...

This little digisketch came to my fingertips a bit too easily though.
Maybe I'm not really ready for college again.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

In Awe Wednesday: Rainbow Ribbon

(ed) typewriter!
This1938 writing relic has been modified to type in pigment. The strokes make blended paintings!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Cut My Heart on Paper

Never $plurge on something renewable. That is the life lesson I have learned from Sephora. This month of holiday cheer, when I am happier than yesteryear due to our brilliantly warm December weather, Sephora has reached into their hearts and given NYC their own version of a White Christmas.  I give you their show-stopping 5th avenue windows.
Paper, Silhouettes, Grand Scale, Birch Trees, Warm light and Girls! Girls! Girls! -- All my favorite things!
Now if I could only justify a life's supply of Hourglass...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oahu Shore

Sometimes when The Duchess and I are exchanging pleasantries such as this....

Me: you know there's a taylor swift video, and also an episode of "The Secret Life of an American Teenager' - in which both girls are singing into the non-brush end of their hairbrushes
TheDuchess: yes! totally bass ackwards.
Me: thank you!
TheDuchess: it makes NOOOO sense
Me: totally counter-intuitive and uncool looking
TheDuchess): agreed, kids these days...
Me: you give me peace of mind
TheDuchess: anytime...

I truly feel like we are meant for better things... talk show things... reality television things.... luckily those things (or better things) come to those who wait. The Duchess and I have returned to the East Coast, well rested and tan after a thrilling and long Hawaiian vacation in a house worthy of prime time fist bumps.
If I were in a reality television series I would like to only live in Hawaii, exactly as and where I did for a blissful looong vacation in October. I'm still in recovery mode. What do you mean if it starts to rain I can't just enclose the patio and go back to my People magazine for ten minutes before I open the panoramic doors to bask in the sun and the sand?? What do you mean no one has made me a pre-bed MaiTai??

It's been rough.

I like these photos, even the ones that were taken with a salt covered lens. I look at them fondly from my Brooklyn apartment where I am wearing double socks. They remind me that once, I was truly, wildly and completely baller.

We're back to blogging. Sabbatical over.


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