Monday, May 15, 2006

Designing Sweat Shirts is a Funny Thing. . . .

My art director on this project makes me laugh all the time! I have come to realize that all of that laughing has to be done once I leave the office, but still! He will slide his wheelie chair over at top speed, banging into me at my computer and making me slide in my wheelie chair over to the left of my keyboard! Once he arrives front and center at my monitor he'll exclaim, 'Good. Good. Like it. Like it. Change it. Love it. HATE it. Good. Like it. Move on! Move on! Stat!!!' All while pointing at every little detail on the monitor. I've never worked in a more stressful environment. It reminds me of every time I've ever been in the ER. It's bizarre! I come home with my shoulders up around my ears, stressed out of my gourd. The work is a lot of fun though. The designs below are just some of the work I've done this week.

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