Wednesday, June 20, 2007

See the Sea Horsies?

Last Sunday my friend Steve's six year-old asked me if it was my job to draw sea horses. Mind you, this is the same kid who once asked my permission to do "math" in my living-room. When I asked her if there was any grand reasoning behind her sea horse inquiry she got pretty thoughtful and then answered, "well. . . it's all you ever do!"
That's when I realised she was right. I have a problem. My post-it note doodles and telephone scribblings all point the way of the horse these days. This all stemmed from a conscious effort to develop some sweet companion-like fish for my Baby Mermaids. However, the conscious took a walk weeks ago. I always try to keep you abreast of my insanity, this week it's of a sea horse variety. The horses below are a few of my faves. These particular sea horse friends come to you from the corner of my telephone book and the backs of a few odd Starbucks' receipts.


Ra.Ge said...

Woah, just chanced upon your blog.
Love you sketches!!

will certainly keep coming back, keep up the good work

Ra.Ge said...

Just had a look at this page. You are really good at bringing out expressions on faces.

Hanna said...

haha, those are wonderful!


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