Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tag! You're it!

Ok, So this is the kind of stuff I never do... A couple of weeks ago I was tagged by the always inspiring Laura Zarrin. Keeping true to my tagging/dodge ball past, it's taken me a while to actually do anything about it. I have decided to throw caution to the wind and play! Here are 7 random facts about me.

Fact #1 Category - Random:
My roots in entrepreneurship were dug at a young age. When I was thirteen my brother, sister and I made a killing with our lemonade stand. On a good weekend we'd pull in a cool $300. Of course, we had a keen sense of supply and demand.

Our backyard sat at the base of one of the most treacherous hikes in Hawaii. Sadly for the tourists, happily for us kids, it was always written up in tourist guides as "beginner." The write up touted the deep history of the hike, King Kamehameha used to offer up human sacrifice at the mountain's waterfalls. The hike led to the mouth of the mountain where you'd be treated to up to fifty-foot waterfalls and a pool of fall water to swim in.

As a result we would watch from afar as sweet newlywed couples happily jumped out of their rented convertibles wearing nothing but shorts, bikini tops and Birkenstocks to "just try this little trail." Flash forward three to five hours when the same couple no longer holding hands but now covered in mud and scrapes would come down the mountain yelling at each other. They would once again be reunited in love and adoration focused on a wild beverage buying frenzy. We wouldn't have done any better selling water in the Sahara.

Fact #2 Category -Top Secret!:
My favorite sound in the whole world is that shredding sound you get when you tear two pieces of Velcro apart. Sometimes while I'm shoe shopping I'll wander over to the kid's section and spend a good ten minutes just "shopping" for Velcro shoes for my fake children.

Fact #3 Category - Thankful for Modern Science:
I'm almost blind. I recently had a new prescription filled for contacts at Lens Crafters. The guy filling it said in a fairly annoying way "Woah! This is the highest prescription I've ever filled!" I assumed he was some type of Dougie Howser who'd barely just been employed. He'd been working there for more than four years....

So, I give thanks daily for the wonders of modern science. I thank God that I was born now, instead of in any other time in the history of the World. Now is the only time that I'd be allowed to make my living, so very happily using my eyes every day of my life.

Fact #4 Category - Aesthetic:
I hate moderately priced jewelery. I adore the clunky stuff you pull out of quarter machines on the corner. My motto is "If it's not Plastic it'd better be worth more than your car." I also pick gold or platinum every time. I turn up my nose at silver.

Fact #5 - Category - Top Secret:
Sub Category - Braggartly and Unattractive to Disclose:
Sub-Sub Category - The Stuff My Parents Pull Out Whenever They Feel Like Someone Is Trying to One Up Them:
When I was seven years old I won the National California Raisin's art competition. My grandmother had also entered along with my dad and a teacher from my school, so they were proud, but slightly miffed when I brought home a check for ten grand.

My entry was sculpted clay and incorporated my favorite doll furniture. It was entitled "Raisin' Raisins." I'd already won a ton of other art contests at that point and was subsequently featured on this cult show "Hawaii's Superkids." In college whenever I'd go into creative crisis my mom would bring up the tv show from twenty years ago as proof that I was cut out to be at Pratt.

Fact #6 - Category - Totally Random
I can make horseshoes like nobody's business. When I was a sophomore in college I spent a summer at Interlochen teaching high school students how to oil paint. While there I developed an infatuation for the welding instructor. If your guy's lacking GQ-like muscles tell him to go weld some stuff. Nothing heats up a summer romance like a welding iron. Anyway, oh yeah, can I make a horseshoe....Sigh....

Fact #7 - Category - The Last One You're Getting:
Filed Under 'F' for Freak:
I've never had a driver's license. I went from biking/hitching/busing/kayaking to school to train jumping/taxi hailing and never got behind a wheel between the two.

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Laura Zarrin said...

Wow! Impressive stuff. Thanks for playing along. It takes me forever to do this stuff, too.

Melissa said...

Oh girl. This was such a good read and very interesting/entertainig. My brain is mush right now. Blame it on pregnancy? Let me try to get started...


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