Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Shot to My Heart

Guess who's amped on Valentine's Dayyyyyy?!?
Ok let's be honest, it's crazy far away. In love time it's like a majillion years from now. I like those little punched cards and I'm a fan of shaped candies that let people know how you feel about them. I'm also a strong endorser of lengthy make-out sessions. Regardless of all the social implications, I am amped on these new designs for
Amber Ink. I'm really excited about their gooey-ness. I totally ♥ them.

Which one's your favorite? I'm like the color combo in the middle the most. Thanks for the input. XOXOX and Hugs and Kisses and lots of sticky lovey doveiness (all things I'm a fan of, even on February 14th).


Hanna said...

the third one is my fav. I love valentines too, I tend to buy cheesy kids cards (like...Hello Kitty or Disney Princess) and give them to my coworkers.

Shilo said...

I love the first one. The contrast with the black is amazing. Black is also my favorite color.
I love your blog! You are so talented and creative.

Beth L said...

ooh hard choice.
Pink is probably the most Valentiney so therefore the best. But then I go for almost anything with a black background. I like eating food off black plates, secretly dig velvet paintings (don't tell) so therefore that one is the best. But then I don't want to leave the 3rd one out, and things I like are usually the least popular with the rest of the world, so therefore the maroony-fucscia is the best.
haha I'm a big help, eh?
happy almost-a-month-until-V-Day.

Vhrsti said...

Wow! This is fabulous blog! Love your arts, truly!


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