Thursday, May 13, 2010

This is my Brain:

I used to love that commercial where that girl goes crazy and smashes her kitchen with a frying pan and the public service announcement is "this is your brain on drugs." When you're watching it you're like, " This is your brain on crazy".
As a teenager this commercial freaked me out. I had lots of friends on drugs. They were not this psycho chick!
Ok. OK. Wait. I'm a gonna go find it for you.
OMG. Now I have found it it appears that this crazy girl is none other than Rachel Lee Cook!! Hmm... you'd think I would have retained that information....well my brain is full of lots of pop culture. I don't have space for everything. Well anyay, these days I'm ruining my friends and familiy's life with my addiction to Expensive Paint Medium, Watercolor Paper, New Pencils, Spring, Mermaids, Parties, All Nighters and Pre-Show Adrenaline. This is my brain:

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