Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Change of Pace

What do you do when you lose your creative thread? Do you stop and take a breather? Do you reevaluate? I feel like my creative energy is my life force, when it wains I'm left without much breath to take a breather.

Luckily years at fancy art school, and then years at job-job and various other 'live or die' gigs have taught me that sometimes a dip in creativity is flat out not an option. I've learned that for me, the best thing when I'm just not feeling it is to do something else. As long as I'm being creative, the dip will usually right itself of its own accord.

This week I've been working on some new layouts, new texture maps and new life paths. Did you know we're staring down the barrel at 11 weeks 'til Christmas? I can't quite think about it with my full brain, because it's hard for me to think about snow. Who wants snow?! If you say you do I'm using my favorite modified GLEE phrase of all time. "Snow!?! KILL YOURSELF!"

Incidentally you're looking at barrettes I've been crocheting for one of my favorite fans, albeit one of my littlest.

I'm counting down the holidays by being more resourceful and more Little Woman-like' than I've had the leisure to do as of late. Nicest side effect, other than having some cutesy barrettes ready to wrap, is that I'm itching to get back to my other gigs, the ones that require my 2D skills ;)

What do you do to get back your 'creative mojo' when you feel it packing for holiday?

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)en said...

One of my best things is to read about others' goings-on. If it's well-written, i'm solid. so thanks. also, i want to go to yourp barrettes.


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