Wednesday, February 02, 2011

That's Funny...

I always thought I hated frosting.

This is the text that arrived at 5:30 am. 'Due to icing in our area, the office will be closed today'. I feel like making cupcakes!

I was debating calling in sick this morning. I got stuck on a sketch jag last night and was up until 4am. Unfortunately/fortunately these days regardless of when I go to bed I'm up at 8:30 without an alarm. So today you get 4 hours of sleep Amber. It shouldn't make any difference to you. You often get 3-4 hours of sleep Amber and are just none the wiser ;)

So anyway. I got stuck on a woodland valentine sketch-jag and now we're here. ART DAY WEDNESDAY! I'm breaking out the medium! I'm going to take a nap!
I will also clean the kitchen, a seemingly mundane task to you, but an exciting one to me!
x and o and more x,
Happy Camper Amber


Karin said...

I heart the mushrooms w/the hearts :)

Amberbop said...

They heart you too.

wendyp said...

omgoodness...CUTE! please tell me you're going to make those lovey dovey raccoons into a stamp? please! pretty please!

have fun on your day off!!!

Lindsey said...

These are TOO cute!!! That sweet-faced turtle? The peeking raccoons? Bambi's napping cousin? (That must have been when you were getting tired. :P) Hope you're enjoying a relaxing day off! Or a productive one, whatever turns your crank. ☺

Amberbop said...

Haha. Thanks girls! I think Wendy will not be disappointed. Lindsey, I'm hoping for somewhere between productive and relaxing.


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