Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Things I Throw Myself into Tuesday

Today I'm prepping art for NYC's Art to Support the Art of Japan gallery fundraiser. We're each In the process of making art in our style (think Baby Mermaids) that is rooted in some aspect of Japan's rich artistic history. I'm going Kokeshi and Cherry Blossoms on electric girl-jam guitar.

While prepping for this latest event in the life of me, a friend shared this beauty of a jem of something beauteous.

True, it is not the greatest narrative and yes, it starts to bore (like into my soul) me after a while, but man that first two minutes sure are fun! It's pretty and violent and just what it should be until the fox arrives. WTF fox?! At any rate I dote on black and white with a tid bit of color and I ache for beautiful animation and live film Watch it and marvel at the artsy.

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