Monday, September 12, 2011

A New York Minute

I would love to keep a impeccably minded diary. I don't. I keep A New York Minute. Here's this week in bullet points:
  • I got a fun new Fall appropriate manicure. You know you can't wear white after labor day, but you should know you can't wear 'Tahitian Tickle Pink' either...
  • I had dinner with Gentleman Psychologist at Prime Meats
  • It was discovered that Gentleman Psychologist hides a secret: he's a vegetarian
  • "Um...." I inquired, "If you're a vegetarian why did we come to Prime Meats??"
    to which he responded "You wanted to!," (I assure you I did) "I care a lot more about what makes you happy than what is easy for me."
  • I almost dropped my fork. 
  • however that would have caused me to lose a bite of my peach infused sautéed pork chop so it wasn't an option.
  • Later this week, while obsessively weighing the pros and cons of New York Times Letterman Esquire to Landscape Architect  to Gentleman Psychologist to I got on the M instead of the F train on a late and very stormy night. This has not happened to me for two years which was oddly enough the last time I juggled multiple men... and then prior to that in college when it ahem... happened all the time.
  • That reminds me, I read an article about a woman's physical limitations when it comes to mentally managing multiple relationships. This reaaaaaaaaaally rang true while I was soaked to the bone and waiting on the M platform above ground for fifty-three minutes
  • At work I am animating a mixing table and some truly nineties magic. 
  • When I picture a record scratch it's obscured in my memory by a soap machine or drugs. So I asked Google...
  • My new Pratt Institute intern started her servitude!
  • We met thrice this week. 
  • Each time we ate crap I should not eat because I am not in college. Nay cutie college intern can nosh on calzones but professional artist can not.
  • I had the best ever acupuncture appointment
  • I attended a silent auction. It was SO boss.
  • I had a talk with the ever stylish Jenny Hamp in which she detailed a horrific nightmare she recently had
  • I explained that I used to thrash to dawn as a child but that I hadn't had a nightmare that I could recall in ages...
  • I had my first nightmare in a decade
  • I had my second nightmare in the last two days
  • I had my third nightmare this week
  • I began drafting a "Thank You" note to Jenny Hamp
  • I again got caught in a torrential rain without an umbrella.
  • I went on amazon with the intention of buying one of the beautiful umbrellas that I covet on
  • I couldn't decide which to buy 
  • I bought both and decided I would return whichever I adored less
  • I am not a monster. I wanted them both the same...
  • I decided that this behavior needed to be addressed... and thus
  • I will no longer be seeing Letterman Esquire or Landscape Architect....
  • I will be keeping both bubble and yellow pumpkin umbrella
  • I failed to do much in the way of art. 
  • I am terrified that this is due to infatuation with Gentleman Psychologist 
  • I spent a magical evening on The Highline. Where I stayed on the lower 20. It was about as great as great gets
  • I made-out like a bandit teenager. 
  • My face has beard rash.
  • Of this I do not complain
  • I adventured in babysitting and settled down to snuggle up
    with the greatest object of my affection, Julian Rex:

    Photo courtesy JenMo
  • We read books and talked about the moon.
  • I stepped back in time and spent a delicious sunny morning amongst books and castles in Princeton
  • I tried to stay dry when it torrential rained on this year's Children's Book Festival
    You could hear paper crying....
  • Incase you were wondering, I did not master long exposure on my camera....
  • I taught a workshop on color. 
  • I hung out with some awesome people
  • I was thoroughly impressed by John Rocco, who took so much time with every kid who plopped down in front of him in awe. He looked at kid's dummies, showed him his original drawings, asked questions, gave posters, it was amazing. 
  • I was reminded of an idol I had as a child who I had the chance to meet. I'm not going to name names, but he was a total douche and I sadly, no matter how I tried, I wouldn't ever feel the same about him or his books again... 
  • It reminded me that I used to blog about art and being an artist. In the old days of She Sure is Sketchy I would say this: As an illustrator/animator/artist always be nice to everyone, care about your fans, especially when they are very young. 
  • I lied to get off the phone so I could have a momentary moment of moments with a girl crush.
  • I had the boy with blue eyes and art therapist over for their first ( but certainly not their last) forray into the GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME... or one of them... Strictly Ballroom.
  • I had tremendous heart-to-heart with my lovely roommate who makes me smile and love my apartment even more than I would (which is saying a hell of a lot).
Lots of other stuff happened. Those are the things of note. What happened with you?

  • Watching: the Original Le Femme (effing badass) Nikita. SO GOOD SO SO SO SO GOOD
  • Reading: this might be the first week of my life where I've got nothing. Nothing. I don't even know....
  • Listening to: It's all Elliot Smith up in here
  • Drawing: Camels
  • Eating: Peach Porkchops
  • Learning: Italian
  • Coveting: this bike in red
  • Saving for: a Cintiq and an Inkling
  • Quoting:  This week's all......

    If you bullet point use an I <3 a New York Minute button and let me know all about it in the comments. Or for the love of all things holy, just recommend a book... sigh


)en said...

you look so pretty!

i loved all of this.

i want to say more but am running entirely on fumes right now. but i love bullets.

Rachel Campbell said...

I miss your posts. Where have you been? :*(

Rachel Campbell said...

p.s. I thought I commented on the photo at Yale and how you look great. Maybe I was just thinking that....?


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