Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Cut My Heart on Paper

Never $plurge on something renewable. That is the life lesson I have learned from Sephora. This month of holiday cheer, when I am happier than yesteryear due to our brilliantly warm December weather, Sephora has reached into their hearts and given NYC their own version of a White Christmas.  I give you their show-stopping 5th avenue windows.
Paper, Silhouettes, Grand Scale, Birch Trees, Warm light and Girls! Girls! Girls! -- All my favorite things!
Now if I could only justify a life's supply of Hourglass...


Rachel Campbell said...

So excited for the windows in NY next week. I need to start making a detailed itinerary so I can squeeze all the Brooklyn and city goodness in. It's gotta last me until I'm in Montreal in May!

Amberbop said...

OH man! I cannot hardly wait for you to come. Nor can I wait for you to seee them! Bloomingdales' are awful and Bergdorf's will make you want to move there!


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