Friday, February 09, 2007

Come Home Little Tooth! Come Home!

This week at work I've been developing an educational animated movie to teach little kids about what happens when you lose your baby teeth. This is one of the thoughtless little doodles I've been holding onto all week. Sometimes the educational children's animation I do for the company tends to be a bit more scientific than my five year-old brain can handle. I got lucky this week and this weeks movie will actually have a baby tooth in a diaper with a pacifier! This little sketch just didn't make the cut. Typically these mindless sketches I do over the week to bust stress tend to hit the recycle bin faster than you can count to three. I had such strong emotion towards this little bicuspid though. My heart just cried out for this poor little baby tooth, lost without a friend in the world. So I decided to post the little guy.
Sigh. . . .


Kim said...

That's a cute little sketch Amber!

Melissa said...

Love this little guy.
PS - if I ever sketched something like this it would never hit a recycle bin - more like be mounted on my wall!

John Sadowski said...

that's frigging awesome.


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