Sunday, February 04, 2007

Penguin Development

A few months ago I had some potential clients approach me about doing some developmental work for them. They're coming up with an interesting series of children's books. I got really excited about the project, and did a bunch of prelim sketching for them and a few face to face meetings. That's when they suddenly stopped returning my calls. You never know what makes that happen, it's all part of the business. I really loved some of the sketches though and think enough time has passed. Since I'm not in breach of contract I thought it was only fair these little guys get an introduction to society.

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Lynda said...

Hi Amber,
Thanks so much for submitting your amazing blog to Delightfulblogs. I'm just exploring it now and am overwhelmed by your talent and how you share your concepts and designs with your readers. It is so much fun to read...I need to go back tonight when I have more time and really check it out.

Anyway, I'm adding you to the directory asap!
Lynda K.


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