Sunday, November 16, 2008

Something's Coming, Something Soon!

Dearest lovelies, I've taken a bit of a blogspot sabatical these days. I'm in the process of building a new and exciting company (can't hardly wait to share it with you), freelancing like a crazy lady and working long hours at job-job. I have not forgotten you. I'm looking forward to being back in full swing. In the meantime, here's something I plucked off one of my idea trees this weekend:

I'll be spending tomorrow at the New York Times Small Business Summit. Hopefully I'll have fun stuff to report and lots of doodles to share when I get back.


Laura Zarrin said...

Love your work! BTW I'm tagging you. See my blog for details.

Beth L said...

Intriguing brainstorm here...I can't wait to see what this is about. I mean you've included math and everything. Math. Actual numbers, subtraction and number-carrying. No way. I tried putting on my Sherlock hat but I suck at that and it remains a mystery, you know, something inside the puzzle locked in a cunundrum or something like that.

Dan said...

I think constant doodling is what keeps your drawing style intact and up to date. I noticed yours is very fluid....more of a cartoonist I'd say. Keep up your fantastic work...I'm bookmarking you.


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