Friday, March 20, 2009

Her Fame Proceeds Her

I'm a bit puzzled by the IF topic this week. Usually Penelope and Brianna are right on the money when it comes to picking prompts that have infinite approaches and a plethora of options. This week the topic is 'legendary'. I'm at a loss as to how this word could be used to illustrate anything or anyone other than our National treasure, that timeless classic beauty, our only living legend...

you know who I'm talking about:

Sorry Meryl. You know it's true.


Fadas & C.ยช said...

Look who she is!!! So cute and pinky!... Good idea!

fashion fucsia said...

Very cute and stylish Peggy!!

karie said...

Miss Piggy is ready for her close-up -- you captured her beautifully.

Beth L said...

OMG of course, you are absolutely right. I see now that my off-kilterness the last couple days is from the giant karate-chop I got (that knocked me back behind the brick wall) for NOT acknowledging this fact in my own IF sketch ("HaaaaayAH!"). I deserved that for showing such a lack of respect.
At least now that I realize what happened I can get up and brush myself off and move on.
Hail to the Piggy.
You did capture her beautifully, I agree.

shelly said...

Isn't she just stunning! Such glamour and sophistication! Lover her!!


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