Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Counting down to Surtex! This will so be me on Wednesday when it's all over and I can breathe and think and be kissed without making long lists in my head, occasionally jumping up to get a pen to make a quick smattering of notes. I don't think that's been going over too well.... haha.

As requested, I've been trying to show you more of my process. This final illustration is two drafts away from the sketch I showed you last week. It was a fun one. The angle of the arm had to be changed. Then we made her a bit more curvy and gave her better shoes. The lapel of her jacket needed to be wider and of course she needed some fancy, flirty bag. The bag was the most irritating change to me. Now that everything is said and done the bag is my favorite thing about the illustration. Now for the fun part. Off to the invoices!


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