Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Money Shot

In my experience, people are way against showcasing their booths anywhere. It's like they're top secret or something. Maybe I should have labeled this post "The Secret"? Who knows? Anyway. Here is my booth from this year's Surtex show. I had such a wonderful time. Major things that worked and a smattering of things I learned this year:
  • Wear your fancy shoes
  • Bring your running shoes and wear them until the last possible second
  • Have a friend with you in the booth at all times
  • My friends are wildly attractive - this didn't seem to hurt (This was actually something I learned. I'd never really considered how good looking my posse is.)
  • If you are afraid of heights make sure someone tall is there to hang the high stuff
  • Velcro sticky dots are the ideal medium for tacking stuff to the walls
  • If you use Velcro sticky dots stick them and un-stick them five or ten times against your jeans before you actually apply them to the wall - so you can get them off later
  • The multiple business cards from last year really paid off again this year
  • Keep the energy in your booth high
  • Position your spot lights so they are "just so"
  • If you're not getting people to use your booth space the way you want them to, CHANGE SOMETHING!!-- We moved the table around twice before we got it in the right place and things changed drastically once it was perfect
  • Tell students who want to talk to you to come back after 3pm on any day of the show, things will be way quieter
  • Make sure you have an exit strategy - this was my Waterloo - it took me forever to pack up
  • Don't stress out
  • Have fun!
  • I learned lots of other stuff, but that's top secret ;)


Tiffany said...

Cute booth! And I will keep your tips in mind whenever I (finally) set up a booth of my own.

Laura Zarrin said...

Thank you so much for sharing. Love your booth! I've got to get myself an Idea Tree.

Simone P. said...

I love your booth! I have your stamps from Hanna! They are a treat!

Beth L said...

your booth was FABULICIOUS and I'm so glad you had an awesome show. AND your tips and tricks are right on.
Here's to a great year...!


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