Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Sew Excited!

So you know the drill, busy, busy. " Your people should really call my people." No seriously. My people are busy! Here at She Sure is Sketchy we've been rolling with the punches, the homies and the flow. Here are some new concept sketches. We're "sew excited" to bring you. Just a bit of a gander before we roll out the big guns.
OK, enough rolling for one day.


Beth L said...

you really are a sketching goddess. when I go through my "sketchbook" I can't even tell what the stuff is. well I know because I scribbled it but anyone else who might come upon it, totally in the dark. I also suck at Pictionary which really annoys people who think they scored by getting me on their team.
I am sew intimidated by the pulsating vibrant life in your instant sketches. you rock.

Amberbop said...

Silly Beth, all artists suck at pictionary. I used to play artist only Pictonary in the Village - rule was that at least 3/4 of your income had to come from the arts. It was the suckiest Pictionary playing ever. We'd fight over everything and no one was ever willing to draw a stick figure.


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