Sunday, July 05, 2009

Where You Least Expect It

NYC has been Coco Puffs lately. The weather has really been getting me down. As a result I feel my art suffering. My typical Pollyanna ways have been dragged away by those really creepy dark monsters that show up in the movie 'Ghost'. Yeah those guys. Things have been bad.
I had been consciously avoiding seasonal depression. This winter just seemed SO long. Under the impression the rain has to be evaporated back into the sky before more can show up, it's defied everything I've ever learned about the water cycle. Then we seemingly skipped Spring. This darkness has been the last straw.
I was pretty sure Bloomburg was going to officially cancel summer.

Then, on my walk home on Thursday, navigating my way through puddle after puddle and enjoying the cadence of the torential downpour on my 'brella, the sun came out.It reminded me how unexpected inspiration can be and how lucky I am to be living in my beautiful Brooklyn, doing what I get to do every single day. It's ridiculous how easy it can be for me to forget that. As you were.

Listening to right this second: 'Down' - Val Emmich


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