Thursday, July 30, 2009

Night Owl

So I stayed up all night drawing owls....


A good dose of all three?

I kicked these off at a reasonable hour, a little after midnight. This morning I got fan art. I love fan art. I hate copyright infringement. But a fan's version of one of my drawings or characters, wrapped up and sent it to me? That is the best!
It got me thinking.... I don't really do fan art.
I decided that when I got home from the gym I would do some.

I'm rereading 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix'. Let's just say I'm a fan... On my train ride home I started really thinking about Hedwig.

When she's hanging out with Harry on Privet Drive she demands so much attention, her feelings are always getting hurt by Harry's insensitivity. Then Harry carries her off to school and she does her job proud and faithfully. We just don't hear much about her until it's back on the Hogwarts Express to London. That is of course because she's chillin' in the Owlery. She's got friends and co-workers to gossip and play with there!That's where this late night project started. It's taken a life of its own.

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Meagan said...

When my boys were little I used to read them a story called "Owl Babies". It was the sweetest story about these baby owls in a nest and one of them always got nervous when Mama wasn't there because she was out hunting for a meal. Such a cute little book. You'll have to check it out. Love the drawings...hope you got some sleep!


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