Sunday, January 03, 2010

Going to the Birds

I've been peeking at off and on for a while now. They have weekly fabric design contests that seem like a hoot to participate in. I'm usually just swamped for time. I like the idea of whipping something up for a challenge in a few hours, helllow Project Runway Obsession... I decided to approach this week's Fabric-of-the-Week challenge in a similar way. I set a timer and gave myself three hours. Here is what happened:

The Color Palette:

The Challenge: Use It.
Oh. Use it to draw some birds. In a repeat.

The Sketches:

snack time

piggy back





quality time

lovey dovey
The End Result:
listening to right this second: "all will be well" -- the gabe dixon band


pupu said...

oh this is nice!!! can use it as wrapping paper gift. or maybe for fabric.

Dawn said...

All your birds are so CAUUUUUUUUUTE!!! I love them. You used the color palette so well!!

Jen said...

Amber, I love this, a lot a lot.

my favorite: the piggybacking birds. (have i ever actually typed "piggybacking"?)


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