Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bird Brain

Last night I went to a lecture on the migration of New York's American-Indian(hyphen? no hyphen?) tribes. The room was crowded and too warm and it smelled like pizza...which can be awesome if you are eating pizza and horrid if you are not. However, the lecture was exceptional and my fuzzy little brain focuses better when I'm inking. I decided it was officially time to christen the new sketchbook I got for my birth-day.
I sat next to some skinny and nerdy boy (swoon) who couldn't take his eyes off my page. Never intimidated by attractive onlookers - I kept drawing, fitting each bird into his respective nook and cranny. When the lecture was winding down he leaned over and pinched my elbow in that come-here-I-need-to-whisper-something-to-you way.

"Gee, you must really like birds, huh?"

YES. Yes, I really like birds.

In my defense it was a lecture about migration! I guess I should have been drawing cowboys and Indians. Stay tuned next week ;)

Happy Tuesday.
listening to right this second: "2 legit 2 quit" -- MC Hammer


Shannan Teubner said...

Very interesting....I don't know if I could sit still for that. lol
Did you get my super long email?

Amberbop said...

Hey Shannan, I got your super long email and can't wait to send my own back ;) It's been a nutty birthday kind of week. Talk soon!

Jen said...

maybe birds as cowboys & indians! ehh? ehh?? :D

Beth L said...

of course. Native tribal migration + overwhelming smell of pizza = BIRDS. Why would anyone question this?
I'm sure every time you look at those birds you will remember fascinating details from the lecture.
And you are so bad-ass to keep drawing while anyone, especially a cute boy, watches. I am jealous of the absolute coolness of anyone who can do that. You rock.


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