Friday, February 19, 2010

SCBWI - Paper Scribbles

I've christened this exercise 'Paper Scribbles'. Kevin Hawkes spent the second half of the lecture that we had with him coaching us through this imagination exercise and since I'm pro-imagination and want all my readers to use theirs more deliberately I decided this needed its own blog post.

If you are hard at work on this assignment you should look like this.

Kevin mosied in and out of the aisles giving critiques and chatting. He told me I have amazing color sense, so given that that comment was based on three random sheets of paper I happened to throw on a page, I'm going to hold onto it like it's iron clad truth. Haha.
  • You will need:
    Something to cut with: scissors or an Exacto
    Something to stick with: A glue stick, Rubber Cement, Elmer's
    A stack of colored paper
    A medium that takes you out of your comfort zone, I chose chalk pastels because I am dumb when it comes to using them. Find something that speaks to you like that.

  • Here's what you do:
    Pick three colors that are bright and happy from your bouquet of paper
    Cut and tear the paper into random shapes
    Glue them on the paper in a way that gets your creativity on the bus
    Using your new medium create a happy illustration incorporating your random shapes.

  • Try doing this with different papers that evoke different feelings. Use scary colors to make a nightmare of a picture, etc.

  • If you get a chance to do this exercise let me know about it in the comments on my blog! I'd love to see what you come up with.

    Start at the very beginning:
    3 colors. 3 shapes.
make them into something.
Draw on your idea a little more.



ninabonina said...

SO COOL! Fin(s) it is!

Dawn said...

Wow! I gotta try this, thanks for posting! Sounds like fun :)

Jen said...

did i tell you i love this? i'm totally doin' it. Except it's going to be SO LAME, but i'm prepared for that. my medium I'm not comfortable with: how about charcoal? or pastels? or just a pen?

Shelly Comiskey said...

I'm excited to try this! Thanks Amber!


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