Saturday, February 06, 2010

Back to the Drawing Board!

So. Ok. I'm not exactly back to the drawing board.

I wish I knew how to quit you! It's disgusting how much I think about the fact I haven't blogged when I take an accidental hiatus. I worry about it way more than when I worry that I haven't showered recently enough.

Here's the skinny:
  • I played in a lot of snow this month. LOTS.
    And then a little bit of snow.
    Just a little bit.

  • I threw wax with my friends
This is my annual tradition and it's pretty dang important.
It is one of my favorite memories from my childhood and one I hold onto with an iron fist. If it is New Years Eve wax must be thrown.
Use a double boiler, melt paraffin and take turns tossing a cup of wax into freezing cold water one at a time. The wax makes sharp relief sculptures, predicting your future for the coming year.
Apparently my year will have something to do with a baby-bunting. Let's hope Jen gets bored with bebe and decides she'd rather I take care of him full-time while she pops in on weekends. Would I get maternity leave for adopting? Here at She Sure is Sketchy we never shy away from the important questions.
  • I brunched.
    I brunched a lot.
    (This brunch was my yummiest and one of the most fun. Of course it happened with JenMO and Bebe)
  • With the help two of my amazing besties Tess and JenMO I planned an adult/kid's birthday party of dreams
    Here was my invite:
    We ate PB&Js and drank fancy Shirley Temples and Capri Suns. Made Orange Smiles. We drew on the wall. We played Pick Up Sticks and watched Tail Spin.

    Ten minutes into the night my camera died. Other than that the night was perfect. We laughed until we cried.
    We sent Slinkys down my brownstone stairs and made up new games with retro toys and gigantic gumballs too big to chew. I was riffling through the freezer for more ice and Otterpops when the entire apartment went dark. It was so sudden and so unexpected that I had forgotten that that is what happens when it is your birthday and candles need to be blown out.

    We New Yorkers were SURE the power was out...the collective grown right before my lit cupcake made its way down the hallway to be wished upon made the novelty of candle bowing even better. And yes... that's a Barbie Girl tattoo on my chest.
The evening's perfect pink and violet cupcakes/wish makers were provided
by Rachel, my go to baking genius friend.
(They made the perfect morning after breakfast too)

Here she is with puppet master, Jill. And yessssssss they're both sporting Barbie Girl tattoos.
I told you we partied like it was 1990.
Everyone was rad and we played with vintage toys. My gifts included a Bedazzler for my purse and crayon candles and new sketch stuff and jewelry and a green house full of flowers and a hand drawn Twilight coloring book and beautiful bound version of The Secret Garden and tons and tons of other amazing things that I love and adore and now use all the time.
Since we're bullet-pointing our way thru January:
  • I had my birthday.
    It was most awesome. Seriously.
    Under the word 'awesome' in the Marion-Webster there is a reference to my 28th birthday party. It also met a 30x30 - it was a theme party and it was thrown.
  • Every evening at job-job I watched the Chrysler Building turn pink in the sunset outside my window.
    Yay for pink.
  • I spent three days with the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.
    Consider my world rocked.
  • I am now totally Twitterpated - Check out that shiny new sidebar.
    You can follow me at

  • I finished a movie about 'Perimeters' at job-job.

  • I had a Crumbs Cupcake every week but the first during birthday month 2010
    28 is going to be just FINE.
  • I broke up with this really nice kid who loves reading the way I love sketching. The downside is that when I sketch I can still talk and when you read as voraciously as I draw you don't have time for a life. Also, they were boring books, mostly about Jewish politics. In the words of the Duchess of Justice - Good Riddance.
  • I took a three day Latin Dance Class - where it was further proved to me that I am maybe adopted.
  • I designed a new line for licensing -ohmigosh it might be my favorite line to date, it's a toss up between Baby Mermaids and this new line - It'll be unveiled in May.
  • I wrote a children's book about an Ostrich named Sid. - He's convinced he wants to be a reporter and his family would rather he keep his head in the sand. It's funny. I think it's funny. I'm pitching it as a good book to open up discussion about the world around us.
  • I got a two-hour long deep tissue massage at fancy-smancy spa as a gift from one of my clients. I didn't know clients could give gifts like that but I feel like you should know it, especially if you read this blog because you're one of my clients....
  • I babysat a cat. His name was Miles
  • I crafted
  • Oh and I totally watched Twilight.
    (maybe twice)
I wonder what birthday-month 2011 will bring!
Raise your glass, loves. Here's to another good year!Alright! I rub my hands together, slap myself in the face and finally, finally
So that's where I've been and now we're caught up.
It's onward from here my loves!

P.S. This birthday month catch-up was brought to you by the letter 'A'
for Awesome, Amazing, and All done


Shilo said...

You are too busy girl! Happy Birthday little darling, looks like the party was fab.

Amberbop said...


Beth L said...

Letter A, I am absolutely enamored with your birthday month it looks like it was incredible and you totally give January the cred it's never gotten in my life. (I promise to do better next year, January, I never knew you could be so Awesome and Amazing). And of course I can't wait to see your fab new licensing line in May (that was sung to you by the way with probably a little too much vibrato).
Thanks for the catchup!
I'm right behind you,
The Letter B.

Jen said...

GROSS! take it down! other than that, what a lovely brunch it was. Also: your query about swapping the baby for weekends: DEAL DEAL DEAL.

Your party was so fun. YOU are so fun. I feel better just knowing that i know you.


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