Saturday, September 25, 2010

Old Fashioned

I love it when I can get my Illustration Friday posts to cross check. My design BFFs, Breanne and Jeremiah of BreJer fame, are having a baby girl next month! This morning I schlepped to the Upper West Side for a baby shower with grand views and un-lame games and apple cider that was somehow also orange juice.

Breanne is half Mexican too. Were both built like Victoria's Secret models and we both love running. Haha. Ok, well one of those similarities is true. I often think that if I could live life the Breanne way, things would just be better and even if they weren't they would seem better.

Since Breanne and Jeremiah and I are design friends, and even more than that, now we're licensing friends, there seemed no way to buy a baby shower card. So I hit the drawing board, the old fashioned way.

Here were some sketch ideas.

Then I really liked this little bit:

I spent a nice long time painting it digitally and getting it all purdy. Then my printer ran out of ink. So I had to make it by HAND. WHAT?! OLD FASHIONED STYLE.

So double win, because after all, it doesn't get much more old fashioned than the stork.

I used glue on this baby! Did you hear me?! GLUE. Like PASTE. OLD SCHOOL.


Hanna said...

that turned out great, so cute!

JooJoo said...

Adorable! Enjoyed seeing the progress! :)

June said...

Wish I could see the images, but none load for me, no matter what browser I try!
Maybe the hosting site is down!


Lucy said...

This is so sweet, I love the expression on the storks face! I love seeing your sketches and then the finished result :o)

psychopooch said...

Nice to see some good old-fashioned hand work. Love the way your card turned out.

Christie said...

This is so cute! That little gal looks like she is having a great time! Really awesome job!

)en said...

if i'm right, that would be a baby half white, quarter mexican, quarter asian? nailed it.


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