Sunday, September 26, 2010

Texture-al Relationship

Today I thought about texture.
This is what happened while I thought.

(some macro-photography of a decomposing leaf I took yesterday.
I cross sectioned, vectorized and turned it into some surface design)

(A mirco view of the weave in my skirt. I'm going to vector ink and then watercolor it and see what I get.)

(Straw and blush and a slow shutter speed, sliced and turned into surface matter.)

So yeah, today I thought about texture.


)en said...

coooool. just make me a skirt out of those decomposing leaves, will you?

Kristen said...

Unbelievable and amazing! When I think about texture, I end up eating oreos dipped in milk. All kinds of good texture there, but not as coolio as your stuff.


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