Thursday, November 10, 2011

Big Waves... Close Together

and then i turned my head to the left.
Also, at job-job I am designing animal crackers.
In exactly one hour I am going to acupuncture.
How are you holding up?
What's the fun stuff?


Pam said...

With a view like that my dear, I think the letters are mixed up and you meant to put an L instead of an S. And animal crackers? Do you have fresh apple juice? Maybe you are missing that. With 11/11/11 tomorrow it may just be Freaky Friday and then you REALLY better watch out! Okay, I am back to looking at that view now. I just may make that my screensaver.

Karin said...

So sorry your day was crap :0( Big cyber hugs and I agree with Incredimombo, spectacular view. I'm raising my glass to the weekend!

Amberbop said...

Oh man! Meeee too, Karin, me too!


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