Friday, November 04, 2011

You Say You Want a Revolution

Guess what??!!? 
 I finally remembered I am an illustrator. 
Sorry, loves -- It's been a while.
Tonight, my intern extraordinaire and I indulged in some good old fashioned life drawing, that's right -- Revolutionary War style. 
There was maybe not a horse. I don't quite recall.
 OK. Fine. There was no horse. However, how could anyone with any integrity waste this 'happened on an ottoman' pose on anything without reigns?? 
The Society of Illustrators provided the light, the glitter, the flocked feathers, the electric live music, the bar, and the gorgeous powder-wigged models who slowly but surely stripped from their 1775 finery down to their diamond pasties at the evening's end. 
However, I provided your total raging jealousy with the power of description.
(I assure you it was better than it sounds).


Tacora said...

can you teach me to be like you? i know i'm not worthy but i'm not completely hopeless either. ;)

Amberbop said...

Only if you teach me how to get my ass out the door before 9am, Taco ;)

Shelly Comiskey said...

These are gorgeous! You are loaded with talent girl!

Sadee Schilling said...

Your sketching is gorgeous! So free and expressive. I especially love how you bring in the pink. So glad to find your blog through IF!


Beth L said...

I am in jaw-dropping awe every time you touch paper. Seriously. Of course there was a horse.

damon said...

super cool!!


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