Sunday, January 01, 2012

She Sure is {Classy} -- Happy New Year!

Every year, just past the stroke of midnight, from the beginning of my memory, my family throws wax. Since I left home ten years ago, I have carried this tradition to every New Year's Eve bash I've rung out the old and rushed in the new at. Last night was no exception. It is my favorite part of new beginnings - something that never loses its magic and awe. There is nothing like a fortune cast in fresh white relief.  2012  will have dragons, or dogs... or something wild and animal like. Happiest of happy New Years!


Shilo Mayer said...

Beyond jealous right now :(

Ashley Robison said...

Crossing my fingers for dragons!!!

)en said...

Ah, I thought of you and wax as I was passing out at home watching Abduction starring Taylor Lautner , which I think will be MY new tradition of ringing in the new year. Happy 2012!

Amberbop said...

Dragons it is!
You were missed!
Oh and Abduction hasn't hit my radar yet, maybe it will be a tradition yet.


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