Monday, January 23, 2012

She Sure is {Sketchy} - Lana Jane and the Dragons

In October I embraced my birthright and returned to the shores of Oahu for the best vacation of any one's life. Seriously, Jasmin couldn't have been happier riding Aladdin's carpet.... um.. that sentence is more awkward than I intended... than I was towel lounging on North Shore sand.

One of the sweet parts of this vacation was of course the fact that we stayed at a house any bedazzled nail flaunting reality star with a poof on her head would have cut you to bunk at.  Another sweet thing was I was formally introduced to Miss Lana Jane. Notice the artful bend of that wrist.

This kid always touches paper like she's got two turn tables and a microphone. Naturally, I loved her from the start.  During my ten days of "no work no work no work" I was slowly tricked in to a relationship with one of the most meticulous art directors of my life.

On this, the first day of Dragons, and of course, as this year's wax throwing has foretold, definitely not the last day of Dragons, I give you our collective works of fiction, as dictated to me by an ever tanner toe-headed task master in size three shoes.
As I draw Lana perches on the nearest higher plane. "Hmm, Jack is goofy, Amber, his face should be silly."  "Oh and he likes to read, but his eyes get tired because he likes the dark too. He's going to need glasses"
 "Here Amber, draw him like this! Pay attention to the spikes, k? That's his name, so they're important."
Lana would tear out of the house and then return five minutes later.
"Oh, Amber, Spike is going to need some flip flops, because it's really hot outside. My feet got burned."
Lana was in charge of connecting the feathers on Dazzle's wings, she's an angel, and drawing the eggs that each Dragon came from. Dazzle's beginning isn't speckled as much as striped.
I woke up one morning to the wind breezing across the palms, the sun glinting on the sea and this particular drawing with x' on the 'wing-ears'. I easily picture Lana knees up, my sketches in hand going over them with the attention of the Devil who wore Prada.
As the days progressed we'd do a sketch and she'd start giving me character traits to keep in mind. Lana hand drew each of these scales in shorthand on Hawk's shiny black hide.
I've saved my favorite for last. This was one of the sketches we did on the last full day in paradise. I rationed sketches as it became clear that if I did not we were going to have trouble in... well you get the picture. I'd done this one and then let Lana know I'd color these and make them more artsy in New York. I opened my suitcase when I got home to Brooklyn to find this right on top.
"Smokey is not part of the family." Important, details -- That is the mark of a true director.
Happy Chinese New Year....
Wish for Dragons, and sit tight!


summer said...

I keep thinking "Poor Smokey!" What could your little friend know about Smokey that you didn't know? Children see things with such different eyes. I miss those days...

Hmm, I wonder what I would look like as a dragon...? It's something to ponder.

Happy Year of the Dragon!

Shilo Mayer said...

I love your blog. I read it faithfully. Although I don't always comment I just want you to know that I appreciate your blog/art/commentary/outlook on life.

Shilo Mayer said...

Also, I love Lana Jane and I think you should continue to collaborate with her. She has some good ideas...

Amberbop said...

Happy Year of the Dragon, Summer!

Ooh, I love that 'what would I look like as a dragon idea....' It may need to be revisited.

About collaborating with Lana in the future, I'd feel very much honored and I would.

Shilo, you need an intervention ;)


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