Monday, August 03, 2009


My favorite part of the illustration process is development. I started this blog here at She Sure is Sketchy to showcase the sketches I do on my way to getting somewhere.
Everything about my concept process involves modifying my sketches and changing them a little here and a little there to end up somewhere new. So here's how my brain works. See if you can see the thought process. I warn you, sometimes it's messy.


Valerie Lorimer said...

Absolutely darling illustration!

Kim said...

I love the various stylizations! Very cute.

thedoodlegirl said...

How fun to see your sketching process! It is awesome. You are truly talented. Love the colorful, flowing, whimsical feathers in your finished product. :)

Indigene said...

Wonderful line movement and voila...color! A fantastic voyage!

Samantha Webb said...

simply beautiful illus every single one! x


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