Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dear Rain, You Suck

Ick to the Y-U-C-K
(this is the beginning of a song I've been inspired to write over the last week)

We're record breakers.

At least in all of this I get to know that somehow, even in its most sick and twisted way, we won! Seriously, New England, way to bring it home. Granted, My living room is covered in pots and pans and dripping water. Poor little roof just couldn't take NYC's competitive nature this week. I am so SICK of rain.

The only thing good about this kind of weather is Boots.
All I'm sayin' is this better bring April Flowers. With this much rain I don't want to have to wait for May ;)

When I'm dealing with weather like this all I want to do is listen to Bob Dylan - preferably from his 'All along the Watchtower' days and eat popcorn.

What is your idea of making the most of a rainy day?
By now you should have lots of practice.

Happy Rain Day


Jen said...

yeah, boo & hiss to the rain. And a leaky roof?? EXTRA BOO. Ohmygosh, i just typed "boob." a) freudian slip? and b) EXTRA boob? talk about scary.

I like to write letters, or watch some ol' LOTR.

Jen said...

p.s. i totally sound schizo in my comment.


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