Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Typical Day In New York

Today I went to lunch outside. We walked approx. 1 block towards Madison Square Park. I sat where we always sit when it is newly Spring and the park lawn isn't open for picnics yet.

When that happens we settle for here:

Smack dab in front of the Flat Iron Building.

Yes, I am aware that people sometimes travel thousands of miles to glimpse this archetctural marvel, but I see it every single day. It takes a gorgeous Spring day for me to remember how grand it really is. That's probably because on a typical day during my lunch break I have a lot to look at.

For instance, girls hula hooping in the middle of the street for a photo shoot.

Or Starbucks saving the world's forests by building a huge art installation.

Here are my coworkers/friends with their rad/free/forest saving coffee tumblrs.

(BTW Your hair looks amazing)

So here's how this promo worked. You bought a cuppa from Starbucks, we have three within walking distance from 5th Ave - so you've got options. Then you walk to the Flat Iron and hand your cup to a troupe of people who trade you for a reusable tumbler that you can put your own art in.

Then they follow this concept grid and put your old paper cup in the perfect place to build this tree, esentially a coffee cup mosaic, representing the trees that are saved when you choose to take your own mug to Starbucks instead of using Paper Cups.

Granted I have always despised Starbucks for stamping out local business while they take over the world, but this event was pretty effin' rad and made a lot of headway with me.

Then I walked over to the park and happened upon a pint sized performance of wide acclaim.

I sat and listened to these fabulous musicians for a good 15 minutes while I drank my Tazo Passion Tea from my Starbucks Tumblr. They were not only well versed on their instruments but pretty comic too. My favorite part was that every time someone tossed some money in their itty bitty violin case they jumped down onto all fours and counted how much was in there now.

At first they would try to do the math to figure out how much the last person had left but that soon grew tiresome. I was right there with them. As prolific artists can we really be expected to be good at math too? Huh?

Their mom hid off in the park and she'd walk by from time to time. It reminded me of happy Hawaiian days with my siblings, mooching money off tourists fresh from long hikes in the Kuoloa Mountain Range. Good times... Good times...

So that was my day, and that's how it is - typically here in NYC.


Leen Christens said...

I love this post! The only thing we know about the US is what we see on the news and a non realistic perspective (I think) trough the movies. You gave a lovely image of a day in New York! I really hope we can make the flight over there someday!

Elspeth said...

Wonderful glimpse into your day, you've got a fantastic eye for details!

Rachel Campbell said...

I am green with envy. Did you get my letter? Pray for sun and warmth while I’m there (which is not currently forecasted).

Jen said...

ahhhh... love.

i miss the downtown. and I LOVE that neighborhood. at the next weather break, I'm strapping on the Tiny & going for an adventure, spine be damned.


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