Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Get Away

So last week a year of prayers were answered. Were these reasonable prayers or were they childish prayers? Let's just say that they fell into the same category of "PLEASE LET THERE BE A SNOW DAY".... in JULY.

Last week job-job decided to give us a five day weekend. YES. A FIVE DAY WEEKEND. Count them: one.... two.... three.... four..... Shut the front door...five!

My inner monologue has been wearing a head to toe trench coat these days. To keep her from going all Matrix on "innocent" NYC bystanders, I fled the city.

Here's a few of my sketches and shutterbugs from my last few days in Stamford. Incedently, if you're a New York City shut-in. You too can have this mind cleansing experience. Metro-North train out of Grand Central. Marriot in Stamford. Hotel Shuttle anywhere you want to go.

My last few days went something like this. Wake-up. Gym. Swim in Pool. Sleep. Wake Up. Shop. Beach. Tan. Sleep. Sketch. Lunch. Sleep. Tan. Read. Swim at beach. Tan. Shower. Fancy Dinner. Laps in Pool. Walk through adorable town. Sleep. Wake up tomorrow and repeat.

Ok that's enough of that. I've got to go get on the F.

Cue inner monoluge. ;) Happy "Monday".

1 comment:

Dawn said...

FUN! FUN! FUN! Just the thing to renew the spirits. I hope you are having a creative week :)


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