Friday, July 16, 2010

The Most Important Sketch of the Day

I won the FML sweepstakes this week and got to spend 12 hours in the world's prettiest ER yesterday. When they asked me if this was my first time at New York Presbyterian I said "Yes, but definately not my last!"<-- this was pre pain meds. What?!

Any way. I had lunch at 1 and then was in the ER by 3:15. When I got discharged the guy at the front desk was like "CREEPY! You've been here exactly 12 hours!" --"Really, it seems like longer."
I had to have all this LAME testing done, turns out I'm fine-ish. Thank goodness, but in the process of testing, I wasn't allowed a drop of liquid or a morsel of food the entire time I was there. I could feel my cells dying.

When I got home in the wee hours of the morning I chugged water like a fish but it felt weird to eat something before collapsing in exhaustion. So I went to bed all Little Orphan Annie. This morning the boy took me out to the real-ist real breakfast ever. I was so excited about eating that I drew our food.

This was maybe the 2nd best breakfast of my life, not to be confused with the first best breakfast that I take as often as possible with Jen in her hood.

I wish we would have taken pictures at the "Coffee Shop" this morning. They would have made this blog post so much more bloggy. In the meantime here are some sketches to tide you over. I'm climbing back into the covers to sleep off my bed-ridden happiness.

but thought you could do with some food for thought. Ha. Puns. They're the best.
I was half way through this post when I got a FB message saying that the Illustration Friday word of the week is Breakfast! Score! Maybe FML week is officially over! Happy Friday!


Dawn said...

I am glad your well at least 12 hours no food or whater sounds dreadful! love your little sketches lol and I am sure you enjoyed every morsel!

Love Dawn xx

Shannan Teubner said...

You didn't tell me you were in the ER...are you ok?? ICK!! Love the puns, however. LOL

Vilt og vakkert said...


Look forward and breakfast will taste ;:OD)

Dawn said...

Whats FML? Sorry to hear you had to go to the hospital, BOOOOOOOOOO! But glad that you are, how did you put it? Fine-ish :) Your sketches are way cute and I love your puns LOL. We're in this together with the toaster is so totally cute!

Nicole said...

WHAT DA HECK!????????? What happened girlfriend??? Hope you are ok! Did we tire you out already!???? hugs to ya ladybug! xox nicole xox

Barb said...

Since you are in Brooklyn, try this place out sometime.

It's in Bushwick, and they have the most AMAZING food, wonderful owners (ok, one is my cousin - LOL!!), and their prices are great!!!


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