Sunday, July 25, 2010


This one time - I went to a make-out party.
It was what it sounds like. It was just. like. this:
Free love, Bunnies. Free love.

The title of this latest piece of surface design is 'Bunny, Bunny, Kiss, Kiss' <--See? Double. It's a repeat inside a repeat inside a repeat (three doubles). I just bent your mind. Sorry, I've been talking in 'Old Spice' this week and while I'm coming out of it, I'm also going through withdrawal.
Also, it has ALWAYS bothered me that 'double' is spelled with ONE 'b'. What the eff? So we spell 'bubble' which RHYMES with double b's? This was one big, fat opportunity that we have missed as Americans. I'm going to take it that far. We make exceptions for silent e's and wh's that sound different. What the what? So sad. If I was starting this post instead of finishing it, I'd entitle it 'travesty'.

P.S. Here's a close up of the second version of this design <-- DOUBLE DUBBLE AGAIN!


MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

cute bunny pattern!

Dawn said...

It's so cute! It's like, take this kiss and pass it on :) YOU ROCK!

Shannan Teubner said...

ADORABLE!!! Now I think we need clear bunny stamps in singles. :)

Jack Foster said...

Hey Amberpop! Very great design! Love it!!

Alexandre Esgaio said...

Muito bonitos os coelhos e o padrão. Adorei.

)en said...

I am disturbed by "make out party," but not by these bunnies. super cute.

Shilo said...

Me gusta!


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