Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A New York Minute

I would like to keep a journal, but I don't. Instead I now bullet point my life in NYC dot by little dot. Here's this week on the grid.
Disclaimer/Warning this post contains mustaches and nudity (incidentally if you are uncomfortable with either you should scale back the blogs that you read by people who live in Brooklyn)
  •  I took a day off from job-job (running out of these) to join my European Fam Bam at the Bronx Zoo
  • I realized that when it comes to one of my most vain personal goals, a manicure is the difference between sex kitten stems and tiny  finger nail crescent nubs
  • I subsequently returned to Amy at Court Street Nails for a manicure. Now I'm ready to shake hands and get biz done again
  • I rediscovered this go-to of my youth
     I had to search high and low at multiple establishments before I found these. I thought it was for naught. Fifteen minutes in to the pore process I remembered how it used to be before I lived above a spa and became a NYC version of myself. I once loved this approach to clean skin. I loved it the way I once adored fifty cent tacos, Troll Doll earrings and Kriss Kross. The entire experience was very montage-y to me. To cap it off...
  • I shed a lone tear for the time lost without this once true friend (also because tearing these things off hurt like a mother)
  • I had two of my favorite friends over for a lovely gab session about long term goals. I'm going through a personal renaissance these days. It is wildly reassuring to have friends to share the things nearest and dearest to your heart
  • I watched my very favorite cartoon {Phineas and Ferb} with a new friend (I'm trying to fill the gaping hole left by the Duchess' exodus J/K J/K) for just the right amount of time (read: hours).
  •  I listened to a hell of a lot of Adele, and I'm not just saying that because it rhymes
  • I started reading 'The Help' by Kathryn Stockett. 
  • I subsequently and accidentally have started to slip into speaking like Aibileen. She is my favorite. 
  • I done gone buy the greatest baby shower gift you ever saw. I can't tell you what 'cause baby mama done read my blog, but I can tell you where, one of my favorite NYC paper shops, and that is here: Papel
  • I lost a pound and a half
  • I was conned into going to see 'Friends with Benefits' with platonic but sneaky friend Mike. That movie is porn - If it were less porn-y and more story I would have liked it very much. As it was I am embarassed to admit that I liked it anyway.
  • I supported a friend and attended a class on chastity. Pretty sweet weekend combo, eh?
  • I was propositioned by the cutest cab driver I ever did see. He makes $1200 dollars a week and wanted me to know he could take care good-good of me. Somehow this was not at all creepy, just hilarious.
  • I hung out with good friends until 4am in a backyard garden snuggled in Bed Stuy where brownies were noshed, plans were landscaped and guts were spilled. It was very Breakfast Club.
  • I was a goddess in the kitchen and proved it at a tiny impromptu dinner party in a friend's kitchen only using the things he had on hand. My skills sported marinated pork chops and veggies roasted in a lemon/garlic rub.It was delicious. While the food was absolutely divine, it didn't quite compare with
  • The steak and eggs I brunched on at Prime Meats
  • I loved my standing acupuncture appointment more than most this week
  • I laughed until I cried over a friend who snapped at me to chide 'eyes up here, Amber' when I became momentarily catatonic staring at his power tie
  • I got very serious about scheduling everything down on my google calendar
  • I also started using the Pomodoro technique. I'm going to blog about it next week for sho. So mark those google calendars
  • I scheduled walks and outside time into my normal breakneck work schedule.
  • On one such walk in my beloved Brooklyn I happened upon this:
  • I promised a friend that she could have my new-to-me torn 9x10 autographed Burt Reynolds glossy
  • I fretted and regretted that choice
  • My roommate Kayleigh and I again discussed what the apartment wants when it comes to our lives that run parallel. Kind of spookly, kind of magical
  • I took a plethora of late-late-late night phone calls
  • I got overly frustrated by a bad cell connection with a witty friend who lives out in coyote town USA
  •  I realized the bouquet of late-late-late night calls contribute to the things that keep me on a 4-5 hour a night sleep schedule. I'm ditching that ish. To prove it...
  • I set this week's major goal which starts today and is this: I'm not taking phone calls after 11pm. My Hawaii/West coast connections are going to balk 
  • I ate at Chipotle. This might not seem of note to you, but it was a beautiful experience, and I'd like to remember it.
  • I recommitted to She Sure is Sketchy's regular posting schedule, didn't you love how breezy things were here in the month of June? I know you did. You said so.
  • I sent personal snail mail x4
  • I opened a new business bank account to save my dollars for my top secret.
  • I managed to work myself all the way to the beginning of the last season of Ugly Betty on netflix streaming. Finishing the series is going to break my heart in two all over again
  • I anticipated the breaking of my heart as caused by the all too near future end of Ugly Betty
  • I solicited you for other great series I need to watch... tell me in the comments.
That's my week, the long and the short of it. I liked it. 
What did you do this week that you L-O-V-E-D?


Tacora said...

Old Burt Reynold Porn... Nice! I think he's hot.

Also, I prefer the bullet-points, they're so much funnier this way!

Valerie said...

I've totally done that before: promised something to someone, and then instantly regretted it. Just pretend you forgot. That's what I always do.

Series suggestion: Murder, She Wrote. I think I've become a better detective watching (all of the seasons). Also, I've learned you can be come besties with the chief of police and solve crimes using only politeness as your weapon. Invaluable.

Duchess said...

You need to watch Alias.
Also... I miss you.

Cheryl said...

Oh Amber, I love your bulletized journal. It is the closest a 40-something, midwestern mommy is ever going to get to living in NY. Your pic of Burt made me giggle. Okay, maybe not a 40-something mommy reaction, but what can I say?

PS I don't watch a lot of TV but I am totally hooked on True Blood. It could just be Alexander SkarsgÄrd though.

Sara said...

I was totally having a bummer of a day and then BAM! I read your "new york minute" list...which put a smile on my face and reminded me of an unfortunate movie with the same title involving the Olsen Twins.

You are an inspiration to me!

summer said...

I second your need to watch True Blood but then there's also Game of Thrones which is amazing. Both are more drama than comedy though, fyi.

And then, this week, I saw the Broadway touring company of Mary Poppins (a show I've never seen) at the San Diego Civic Center. The best part? My uncle, aunt and I went via Culture Caravan - which is a travel group run through a senior center and is therefore, mostly people 70+. And, mostly poor uncle. We had fun though and the music was great!

Amberbop said...

Haha, well, maybe the title means I should pull out Full House, but some how I doubt it.

I tried to get into True Blood but it was kind of violent for me, maybe I'll return to it, I stopped three episodes in.

Valerie, I vaguely remember loving Murder She Wrote at one point in my life... Mayhaps I shall return on a dark and stormy night this Fall.

Alias could need to be the next great thing.

Thanks so much for your suggestions! This really starts to help ease the pain.


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