Monday, August 22, 2011

A New York Minute

Because I don't keep a journal but would like to, if I had that skill, I now bullet point my life weekly, one New York Minute at a time. Try and keep up this week ;)

  • I installed a ton of Spanish Rosetta Stone learning CDs for my dad
  • I reconfirmed my position as Goddess of Pancakes -- Don't worry, I'm designing myself a badge
  • I sat next to a hacker on my flight SLC --> JFK 
  • I didn't think he was the kind who killed people, just the coughing kind who didn't have a momma who taught him how to cover his mouth when he coughs. I ask you dear friend, when you are elbow to elbow with a man for five hours on a crowded plane, which is worse??
  • REALLY hurt my thumb on the unbearably hard to turn knobby-knob (technical term) attaching my tray table in the upright position on the dude in front-of-me's seat back
  • Perhaps felt a tinsy bit too sorry for myself in the previous two situations
  • I blissfully tricked my coworker into thinking I had snagged this bag she wanted on Etsy.
  • Here's how it went down:

--So that was fun.
--So that was fun.
  • I signed a new licensing contract!
  • I got my 90s on and headed to a Saved by the Bell party. There was no Zac Morris, but it was fun anyway
  • I spent a terrifically fun evening cooped up in my little apartment listening to the rain beat down screaming people in the street while I watched copious amounts of Ugly Betty and...
  • Got back to my coconut oil routine
  • Went through old files and started prepping to have an out of house scanner scan about six pounds of sketches I have been meaning to scan myself
  • **reaffirmed my affirmation that sometimes it's better to pay someone to do something that you are not going to learn to do, or do yourself this is the opposite of 'if you want something done right...' Know yourself, people
  • I learned a very nice way to make a chicken dinner, curtsey of Moosewood cookbooks
  • I spent a lovely evening with Miss Rachel in her brand. new. apartment
  • I came home to my lovely apartment a little jealous
  • I started looking up deep clean maids (WHAT??) See earlier affirmation**
  • I made some gingerbread ice cream with cardamom and homemade snickerdoodles for a friend who is knocked up and inventing things in her head that don't really exist
  • On a totally unrelated note I got some more health coaching stuff done
  • Researched multiple versions of Alice and Wonderland for job-job
  • Coveted this white rabbit tattoo that I found while doing said research: 
  • OK maybe I coveted the shoes too. So sue me.
  • Designed some new soon to be unveiled at Amber Ink. iPaper that's all kinds of diamond pattern-y as inspired by aforementioned research.
  • Stayed up til three re-reading S.E. Hinton's 'The Outsiders", as borrowed from Miss Rachel
That's my week in a New York minute.

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Julie said...

Rain AND Ugly Betty? Lucky! I just get the Ugly Betty.


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