Thursday, August 04, 2011


I played hooky on Tuesday (best decision of my life)and headed to the Bronx with my imported EuroFamBam for a full day of sketching, shutterbugging, hiliarity and searching for the park's bathrooms.

There were touching stories of mothers who do that annoying thing to show that they love you, you know, where they use their spit to smudge dirt off your face?  There were friends who overstep their boundaries. It was great. A microcosm of what makes the world go round.

We covered mad ground and we rode the monorail. I, for the second time in my life, laid eyes upon the red panda, so yes, it was perfect. Oh and I drew some stuff too.

pig nosed turtle. yep. nailed it. 
That's our day at the zoo.


Beth L said...


You capture it all perfectly, sigh.

I always wanted a pet tapir.

You know, because it seems more practical than an elephant.

JRose said...

How did you color these pieces?

Amberbop said...

Beth, you are ever sensible.

JRose, These are some old fashioned Photoshop against sketchbook texture.

I'm loving experimenting with that technique. I'm going to do some surface design toying with it this week.

Thanks for the comments. You two rock.


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