Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hand Me Lemons

I have a hard time not drawing.
It's kind of what I'm meant to do. This lovely Sunday morning found me looking at this strainer of citrus on my kitchen table.
You know what that meant: lemonade.
Half way through squeezing these babies I abandoned them and reached for my watercolors. I know that old adage. I'm the exception. Hand me lemons and I'll make some surface design.
Incidentally, the lemonade was perfection. How anyone drinks this stuff from a carton I'll never know.

Summer+Homemade Lemonade+Sunday+Watercolors = Bliss

Listening to right this second: "Shut Up and Let Me Go!" -- The Ting Tings

1 comment:

Ginger*:) said...

this is what makes you a fantastic artist..... when you have lemons... you make art!


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