Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Way I Roll...

So today was supposed to be serious Saturday:
I started off sober with some
bound-and-determined graphite and ink...I dug my heels in and moved into bitter tea-face portraits
done a block away at the BoCoCa Tea Lounge. Oops.... Little flower bud barnacles.... No. Serious. Be serious! Graphite. Ink. Sedate.
Ooh...colors! Colors can be serious! I'll just use some of this trusty Winsor ink in my paintbox...
Oops. That was a little deviation. Serious Saturday... I'll just refocus on faces. No biggie.

Four butterflies, one rabbit bum, and several barnacle buds later... all hell broke loose and I went back to my roots. Oh yeah, we're talking boats and daisies and fish and frogs and sugar and spice.

What can I say?
That's just the way I roll.

1 comment:

-milk.tea- said...

i love your sketch, it's beautiful :)


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