Thursday, August 20, 2009

Retro Moment

Sometimes late at night, when my eyes water and I fight sleep I like to pull out old stuff.
My watery eyes make it look glam-fab and I have ideas about it I didn't have when I originally penned it.Tonight while streamlining my office I unearthed this old everything book - Circa 2007
These designs were all tossed aside as 'meh.' Something about them make me happy now though, two years later. So I'll develop them and use them to wow my clients.I also like going through my old everything books because they help me ready my answer when people ask me "Have you always been so cool?" After looking back at past me with future me eyes I can quickly answer,
--"Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!"
Now I'll turn these old sketches into current, hip, sassy, sexy, sweet bits of sought after design.But first to bed.

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