Saturday, October 03, 2009

Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot

Yesterday I decided there was no way I was going to tough out Illustration Friday this week.
Germs are so not my thing. I closed my laptop, hoping next week's theme would be "chubby birds and flowers" or
"Skinny GIrls in Fancy Dresses".
This morning walking through an old mining shaft (have I mentioned I freaking love Montana?) I was hit with a 'soup for brains moment.' --Duh.I did these designs two weeks ago to compliment a cirque series I recently added to my licensing portfolio.
They're totally germy!I'm happy this worked out so well because I love using any potentially appropriate moment to share this oldie but goodie. This was originally introduced to me by the Duchess of Justice.
As usual she hit her target audience square on the head.

It's the first thing my mind shoots to when I think of germs.

Happy weekend. Don't forget to get vaccinated, for yourself and for the world.

listening to right this second: "Dirty Laundry" -- Bitter:Sweet


Anonymous said...

I really really really love the yellow one. Fantastic colors!

Meagan said...

Those cooties are cuties!!! How funny. Where can one get the vaccination for cooties?

pupu said...

I like the germy germy patterns. They are cute! ^^*


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