Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Creative Space

I have a meeting lined up this afternoon at Sweet Melissa's where we will discuss the stuff that's currently being drawn here:
I bought new pencils at Utrecht to celebrate this new contract. I love any excuse for new art supplies. Last night on my way out for dinner, a movie (The September Issue) and a party in Clinton Hill I dragged my friend into the art store as we walked by. "Why are you buying this stuff!?" she wailed... "It's going to bulk up your purse!!!"
--"I know!" I answered, pure glee in my voice. She rolled her eyes but deigned to join me. Yay for good friends and new pencils!

P to the S: It's unlikely that you have The September Issue playing in your neighborhood if you're not NYC or major city based, but please reserve it on your Netflix Queue. It gave me such a shot in the arm. It's a raw look at the sacrifices we make to live our best creative lives. There were moments it took my breath away.

I loved 'The Devil Wears Prada' and was pretty sure that it would be the closest I'd ever see to what Anna Wintour was really like, as the movie didn't exactly make me want to run out and sign up to work for Vogue.

I would be hard pressed to explain the importance that Vogue's photographic spreads have had in my personal creative life. The brilliance of
Grace Coddington has always driven me to push my own very different work harder. I waited so long to see this film because a was a little afraid. I was worried that I'd come away from it not liking Grace's personality and regretting that I ruined some innocence I had about her work which always, always, stands for itself. Instead I came away from it loving her more that I thought possible.

Grace holds her own so beautifully and fights for the creative good so winningly. It's so easy to identify with her and to see her soul that she so epicallly breathes into her work. I left with a bit of a soft spot for Anna too...but she is hard as nails and you can see how that's important too.

OK. Enough gushing from me. See this movie. Even if you're one of my blog stalkers who isn't a creative. This movie is about sacrifices for a common good even if it is the common good of fashion. It's about relationships and compromises and not giving up too.

So here's your homework:
Run to see more great creative space at Kirsty's Space.
Netflix "The September Issue" so you have it when it hits dvd, I know I will.

listening to right this second: "Bleeding Love" -- Leona Lewis


Aussie-waffler said...

Ooooh I hear you, I get giddy in the art shop, so much wonderful stuff *drool*.

Karin said...

You can never have too many art supplies :-)

And I so agree with you on the style of Grace. She did some marvelous work, I can drool over those pictures anytime!


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