Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tweet Cred

This morning at "job-job" I jumped into a battle. Our graphic designer was checking Pantones against our latest promo giveaway. I'll ruin the surprise. He was designing a shirt. The shirt was made to pimp our twitter feed. It's beautifully designed, but marketing totally missed the boat! The shirt features are everyday logo with the words "follow us" running along the bottom.
Lame toast.

The thing that first attracted me to the twitter culture was the funny fan art birds that show up on people's websites. I love that this logo lends itself to wide artist interpretation.

I thrill when I find a unique Twitter Bird.
"No, no, no, no, no!" I exclaimed. "The whole fun of Twitter is designing a twitter bird in a new style!" If you're going to design a shirt do it right. We're a children's animation company for goodness sakes!! Who better to design a bit of fan art in our iconic style?
Anyway, they asked me to prove it, I showed them an array of fun cute tweeting birdies.

Then they backed me into a corner. "IF it's sooooooooo cool why don't you have one you've done!? Huh?! Huh!?" Damn it! Trapped.
In the end our logo stayed and I was labeled "hypocrite".
Way to shove the thought back into the box, boys.
Sad thing is -- I've been meaning to get a little twitter bird done in She Sure is Sketchy style for quite some time. This is so I have a comeback next time. Take that! boys!!! Haha.
Here's some quick birdie doodles. Which is your favorite?
I'll finish up a couple for you to use too, maybe you're more open minded than my marketing team.
One can hope ;)


Meagan said...

I don't twitter...but...#4 wins my vote.

Brittany said...

I like #1. And I would totally use it! Those boys don't know what's up.


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